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Motorcycle Accident Repairs

If your insurer doesn’t use us as their chosen repairer or their repairer lies to the south of the border, and you would prefer to have your bike repaired here closer to home, please contact us and we can help you arrange this.

Insurance Claim

Stage 1 - Collection
If you are involved in a road accident in Scotland, where your bike has been damaged and you make a claim on your insurance, it is likely that we will be instructed by your insurer to pick-up your bike, usually within a few days of the accident.

Stage 2 - Inspection
As soon as your bike is in our bodyshop, we will begin work immediately, to inspect the damage and determine how best to restore the bike to its previous condition.

Stage 3 - Assessment
Following our inspection, your insurer will be contacted and made aware of the costs associated with the repair. Depending on the extent of the damage, your insurer will normally arrange for an insurance assessor to come and inspect the bike.

Stage 4 – Authorization
Once the insurer gives us authorization to proceed, we immediately order all of the parts needed for the repair. Please note that some motorcycle parts can take up to several weeks to arrive.

Stage 5 - Repair
While we wait on the parts to arrive, the bike will be stripped of damaged components and work will begin on any damage to the chassis or parts to be repaired. As and when parts arrive these will be fitted to the bike, along with any sundry items or decals originally fitted as standard.

Stage 6 – Road Test
With your bike fully restored, it will then be thoroughly cleaned, checked over and road tested to ensure there are no rattles, steering misalignments or mechanical issues.

Stage 7 - Return
Your bike is returned to you for your acceptance of the work undertaken

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